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BRC Standard

British Rabbit Council Thrianta Standard
2016 - 2020

 Ring size D


1. Type 20
2. Weight 10
3. Fur 20
4. Head & Ears 15
5. Top & Belly Colour 15
6. Under Colour 15
7. Condition 5
 Total 100


1.  Type – The body is short, stocky, barrel shaped and in all areas well rounded. The legs are short and strong.
2.  Weight –  Minimum 2kg (4lb 7oz) maximum 2.75kg (6lb 1oz)

Table of points for adult weight

kg  2.0 - 2.10 2.20 - 2.40 2.5 - 2.7 2.75
lb/oz 4/7 – 4/10 4/13 – 5/5 5/8 – 5/15 6/1
Points 8 9 10 9


3. Fur – Dense, close lying, soft and lustrous.
4. Head and Ears - The head short and broad, close to the body. The ears strong structure with good rounded tips and 8-10cm (3 - 4in) length, 9cm (3½in) being ideal.
5. Top and Belly Colour - Top colour intense orange/red extending brilliantly over the whole body without visible change towards the belly colour. Belly and underside of tail colour to be slightly matt. Colour to be free from ticking. Eye colour brown. Nails to be dark horn colour. Whiskers must show an orange pigment.
6. Under Colour – The intensively orange/red under colour should stretch right down to the skin. The further the under colour stretches the better.
7. Condition - The exhibit should be in a perfect state of health and bodily condition, free from soiling, particularly on the feet, ears and genital organs. The coat should reflect the overall good health of the exhibit, which should appear alert and vigorous.

FAULTS – General faults common to all breeds including body shape, fur and colour, slightly lighter or darker tinge to ear edges, jaw edge and eye surround. White toe nails. Lack of intense belly colour and underside of tail, little tinge of the top colour, slight deviation of top and under colour.

DISQUALIFICATIONS - General disqualifications common for all breeds, including body shape, fur and colour, strong deviation of top colour, too much tinge at the ears or in the top colour, completely white belly colour or underside of the tail, white barring on the forelegs, blue under colour.